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  1. erin says:

    hi Harriet this Erin you’ve came to my school before and graven hunger is awesome and so is the boy who fell down exit 43 bye it was nice meeting u

  2. harriet43 says:

    Hi Erin,
    It was lovely to meet you all. I really enjoyed my visit!

  3. braedigh says:

    i really enjoyed your vist to randlay primary school and nursrey someday wish i could be a athour just like you are

  4. harriet43 says:

    Hi Braedigh, It was lovely to see you all. Keep reading and writing, and you never know what might happen!

  5. Tonianne says:

    Hi Harriet, you came to my school (meadows primary school) on the 5th of January and i have just finished the boy who fell down exit 43 .

    I love the book.
    It has inspired me to write a book

    Bye harriet

  6. harriet43 says:

    Hi Tonianne, I remember coming to your school very well! I enjoyed the day so much and thought the school was wonderful. So glad you enjoyed EXIT 43 and the very best of luck with your own book. Trying to type this with a naughty guinea-pig on my lap! x

  7. Tonianne says:

    Thanks harriet i injoyed every bit of that day i am now reading hex facters
    Bye Harriet

  8. harriet43 says:

    Hi again Tonianne, Enjoy it!

  9. amelia says:

    Hi Harriet thank you a lot for visiting my school (silkmore primary academy) I really enjoyed it. I have started reading The Boy Who Fell DownExit 43. Once I read the first sentence I just got stuck into the book that whatever my mum said I kept saying “wait there, 2 more minutes” every time. Also when you gave us the tips of how to write a good story I will use those to write my own one

    thank you hope you have a nice day,


  10. harriet43 says:

    Hi Amelia, Thanks for your lovely message. I loved coming to your school today. So glad you are enjoying EXIT 43! Good luck with your own writing!

  11. Amelia says:

    Thank you Harriet, I will try extremely hard to make it as goodwin as your although I think it will be impossible for me


  12. hello Harriette really enjoyed you coming into our school.thank you for giving us tips on how to open going to buy one if your books in a couple of days .i cant wait to read it.i will start to write my own stories at home and school because you have encouraged me to be an author

  13. harriet43 says:

    Hi Katie-Mae, I’m so pleased I’ve encouraged you to write. That has made my day! I loved coming to your school today!

  14. Lily's Mum says:

    Hi Harriet,
    I accompanied my daughter to Chesterton School today for your workshop and had to tell you how fantastic it was! I never really listened at school, but was spelled bound today! Wish i’d had a teacher as inspiring as you!! Also have had a hard time putting Gravehunger down, much to my daughter’s annoyance! Enough of me…she had the best time and I hope you have inspired her to get back into loving books again, as unfortunately, her imagination is being swallowed up by technology at the moment. This is something I don’t understand, having been a bookworm all my life! Anyway, thank you again! I’m sure you will hear from Lily, once she has managed to get the book off me!!

  15. harriet43 says:

    Hi “Lily’s Mum”!!
    Thank you for your lovely message, which was great to get back to after a gruelling drive up the M5/M6. I absolutely loved my day with the children at Chesterton. It was a real luxury to have such a keen group of writers, and to be able to work with them for the whole day. Hope Lily enjoys Gravenhunger, and that it inspires her to read my other books, and other authors’ books too! Do encourage her to post me a message!

  16. bella says:

    hi Harriet cant weight for you to come to our school Wednesday i haven’t yet read one of your books but they look amazing and i am ordering one and i can’t weight to read it!

  17. harriet43 says:

    Hi Bella,
    Really looking forward to visiting your school. I shall look out for you when I am signing books!

  18. bella says:

    thanks me and my best friend cant weight to meet you

  19. katie steptoe says:

    hello iv read some of your books and I really enjoy reading them

  20. harriet43 says:

    Hi Katie, That’s great to hear!

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