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  1. Daniel says:

    It looks amazing and Harriet Goodwin is coming to my school on Wednesday 5th December. YAY!

  2. Daniel says:

    Your books looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get a signed copy by Harriet.

  3. hello Harriet, thank you so much for coming to East Leake Academy. I am really excited to see you. Your books look amazing. Also, I love writing my own books and go to a club just to write.

  4. Hey Harriet! I am stoked to buy and read ‘The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43′. From what people have said and commented, it looks and sounds like a marvellous book. I am from East Leake Academy incase you wanted to know what school I was from. I like to write my own books as well. I go to a club to write stories. Hopefully you can inspire me and share some ideas at school. Have fun!

  5. harriet43 says:

    Hi Daniel, Thanks so much for your messages. Really looking forward to coming to your school on Wednesday and meeting you all. So glad you enjoy writing too!

  6. Toni-Anne says:

    Hi Harriet I am from meadows primary school and nursury
    I’m not sure u would remember but you came to my school on the 5 January 2017
    I got all of your books and have read all of them
    My favourite one was gravenhunger . This was really good .
    Ever since u came to meadows I have always wanted to be come a Author .
    I was just wondering if there was a certain age u had to be to become an author.? Do u know the answer ?

    I will never forget your visit to meadows
    U have really set me a dream for ever
    Thank you

  7. harriet43 says:

    Hello Toni-Anne, Yes, of course I remember you! How lovely to hear from you. You are an author AS SOON AS YOU WRITE SOMETHING! So glad you are pursuing your writing, and do keep in touch x

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