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  1. reece says:

    your the best keep the hard work up

  2. Harriet I’ve just been running . Last week, I got 127 . This week I got in the 90’s! I had fun today. At school , I had done a sad part 1 story. I managed to get it finished with pictures!

  3. harriet43 says:

    Hi Pippa,
    Well done!

  4. lilly says:

    I don’t know if you remember me but, I have some info…
    you know how I have been writing stories?

    well I have been writing the stories in an animation. its and app called Gacha. it is a lot of fun. I hope to hear from you soon.

  5. harriet43 says:

    Hi Lilly, That sounds absolutely fabulous! So glad you are enjoying it!

  6. lilly says:

    also I have had a lot of ideas lately, based on dreams so I have to write them down quickly; but I have a folder on my phone so I can write my ideas down without forgetting them. I have got 4 drafts for new stories.

  7. lilly says:

    in addition, (I have recently done an English test so I am still grammatticaly writing correctly,) anyway… it was my birthday on the 4th of april, so happy birthday 4 days ago to me.

  8. harriet43 says:

    Hi Lilly, Excellent idea!

  9. harriet43 says:

    Happy birthday, Lilly!

  10. NellyElly says:

    Dear Harriet ,

    I hope you’re having a lovely day! I’m just cleaning out my bookshelf so it can harbour new life and have come across ‘Gravenhunger’ after so many years of it sitting so neatly on the bottom shelf mixed in among all my Neil Gaimans. I met you 8+ years ago when I was in primary school, I remember the day vividly in some places and slightly patchy in others! But I do remember WANTING to go to school that day , I had always loved school – when I got there , getting me out of the house to go and getting me to leave at the end of the day were the hard parts. I remember sitting quietly and listening to you , letting you take up to a new world. You let us ask questions , and I can’t remember what I asked you even though I asked a lot of things , but I remember you being very patient , and very generous with what you told me. You signed my book and I fell in love with literature. You made me pay attention to English all through secondary school and allowed me to write and write and write. I did very well in my English GCSE’ and I’m now studying English at A level. Because of you. Because came , and you talked , and you made being an author a possibility with the worlds you created and shared with me. The clearest thing I remember from your visit {as you came twice : once for ‘Exit 43’ and a second time for ‘GH’} is that I felt alive with writing. I felt like I belonged. I felt like the pen and the paper , were the future. You gave me a spark to write and I am so so so grateful for that! I hope to meet you again one day to thank you in person!

    If you have any advice , I’d love to hear it! Have a lovely day , big squishy cuddles –

    Elly xXx

  11. harriet43 says:

    Hi Elly,
    Wow! What a lovely message! It makes me so happy that I inspired you and that you have come to love English so much. Are you going to read it at university? If so, which one? Are you writing for your own pleasure? Poetry? A first novel? I hope so! Writing is a comfort and a catharsis and also JUST PLAIN FUN!!! Do keep me posted – and I’m DELIGHTED Gravenhunger was sitting amongst your Neil Gaimans! He is one of my absolute favourite authors! Have you read “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”? Harriet xx

  12. NellyElly says:

    Hi Harriet!

    You genuinely left a lasting impression on me when you came to visit my primary school and I think that that is just magical that people can give you the spark to do the things you love! Im just going into year 13 so university will be the next steps I would think , I’m not too sure about where I would go or any specifics , I’ve looked into it a lot with the help of my college but it all seems a bit daunting!

    I write short stories which I am always handing over to my teachers , I think they’d be able to fill a folder with them all if they collected them together I think they’re abit sick of me saying ‘please can you read this?’ ! I’ve got something I would love to turn into a novel but I fear it wouldn’t get red! Writing is the medium through which I preform best I think , and you’re right, it truly is so much fun! I love the idea of world building , where you can design and mould the world YOU want! Where things happen or don’t happen , and people who read it get to come along and live in it for a time.

    Oh wow! You’re very welcome , that shelf is only for the best! He is brilliant , I haven’t red The ocean at the end of the lane , I’ve heard a lot about it, I’m currently reading a book by his wife Amanda Palmer called ‘The art of asking’ So I shall have to get my hands on a copy of it!

    What are you reading at the moment if you don’t mind me asking ?

    Elly xx

  13. harriet43 says:

    Hi Elly, Just keep writing! And I always think it’s a great idea to keep a diary. Even if you just write a sentence in it each day, you’re keeping yourself in touch with your own feelings…and it’s GREAT to read back on. I kept one for my first two years at uni, and I love reading it, though bits of it seriously make me cringe! ATM I’m reading quite a lot of poetry: Mary Oliver and Wendy Cope, and also a book about exploring the islands of Great Britain (I’m a big outdoors person and love wildness). Harriet xx

  14. NellyElly says:

    Hi Harriet!

    Thank you so much for your advice, I just brought a new hardback notepad which I think would be lovely for a diary/Journal so I will give that a try! And I’ll also have to look into Mary Oliver and Wendy Cope as we are doing Carol Ann Duffy at college and I love the romantics but am keen to broaden my knowledge on other poets!

    Thank you so much, have a lovely day!

    Elly xXx

  15. toni says:

    hey Harriot

    I don’t know if u remember but u came to my primary school {meadows} when I was in year 4 -2017,5th January- remember this amazingly and I have read boy who fell down exit 43 and gravenhunger. I appsuloltly loved reading them to be hoest with u I did like graven hunger more but boy who fell down exit 43 is still good
    now I have messaged you a couple of times but Iv got a question to ask

    Can you become an author at any age
    how do you wright your drafts for your books by hand or on computer

    I have always had a dream for righting a book and don’t get me wrong I have about 3 note pads here at home full of storys idea and probably the first drafts so how do u pic the right idea

    would it be possible to actually get a book published at the age of 12 if its at a high enough standed

    thank you for your time for reading my comment and I whish you a happy new year and hope u had a nice Christmas

  16. harriet43 says:

    Hi Toni, Lovely to hear from you! Yes, you can become an author at any age! I write my books on the computer now, but always have a notepad at hand for ideas! You should just KNOW when you get a good idea: it will leap out at you. I wouldn’t bother trying to get anything published at your age: much better to spend the time writing in a variety of styles and voices. Publication can wait. Hope this helps – and HAPPY NEW YEAR! x

  17. toni says:

    hi Harriot

    thank u for responding thank u and for the tips and I shell keep righting
    thanks a
    {short for tonianne}

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