The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43

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Finn Oliver will never accept his father’s death – but finds a few minutes of forgetting as he joy-rides over the moors in his mother’s old car. Then the accident happens – and Finn hurtles through the surface of the Earth into an Underworld populated by the Woken Dead.

As he falls, he collides with a spirit-girl, Jessie Sherratt, who is on her way up to the surface to visit the local graveyard.

Together, Finn and Jessie must save the Underworld from destruction by releasing the ancient Firepearl from its elemental enchantments at the centre of the Earth. But can they reach it before their evil adversary gets there first…and is the Firepearl quite what it seems?

“One night, shortly after the birth of my fourth child, I dreamt about a boy falling through the surface of the earth into an Underworld inhabited by the Woken Dead. I remembered the dream in the morning, scribbled it down before it faded from my memory – and the idea for The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43 was born.”

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Firstly, a taster from the end of Chapter One. Our hero, Finn Oliver, is driving his mother‚Äôs car over the moor road in torrential rain – and things are not going according to plan…

Now a section from the Underworld itself. Mr Henry Glenridding, Watchman at Exit 43, interrupts a meeting in the Red Temple chaired by the vicious Viking, Harald Bloodaxe. He brings extraordinary news…

And finally a chunk of text from the end of Chapter Two, where Finn encounters the Underworld for the very first time.


“…an exciting rollercoaster read…full of crazy, dead characters! It’s ace!”Kick! magazine review (October 2009 issue)


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