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Bedfordshire Children’s Book Of the Year 2010

Fantastic news – The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43 has been named “Winner of the Bedfordshire Children’s Book Of the Year 2010.”

Added: June 21, 2010     Comments (4)



  1. olly smith says:

    omg well done harriet cant beleve youve won this award cant wait to read your new book .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hannah says:

    Well done for winning this you totally deserve it
    well done Harriet
    Yours faithfully Hannah
    Oldfields hall middle school

  3. harriet43 says:

    Thanks, Olly! I am THRILLED to have won it!

  4. harriet43 says:

    Hi Hannah,
    Thanks a lot! I loved coming to your school today!

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